Prime Minister Ghannouchi insulted me!

Long time RDC member, and Interim PM Mohamed Ghannouchi said yesterday on a television interview that he was fearful for his life, saying “ avait peur, comme tous les Tunisiens”.

As a Tunisian, I am utterly insulted. Mr. Ghannouchi, his entourage of RDC ministers, and others associated with it, continue to believe that the Tunisian citizen is simply stupid. As the ex-President’s right hand man for many years, he is no different, or may be worse. A sign of being a coward is to witness crimes against humanity, do nothing about them, or worse help hide them, in fear of calling attention to yourself. Too scared to even run away or disassociate from the criminals.

Many Tunisians are living abroad, against their will, away from their families and friends and the country they grew up to love, have lost their possessions and in some cases family members, because of Mr. Gannouchi looking the other way. They were never afraid. Crimes of all sorts had happened under his nose, and those of the same people he is asking us to trust.

I reject the notion that he is like all Tunisians. Did he ever have to whisper in his own home in fear the walls might report him? Was he ever refused a job because he was not a card carrying member of the party? Did he ever skip a meal, sometimes two, like most of us, me included, so he can feed the old and very young of us? Did he ever have to choose between medicine, school for his children, or food like real Tunisians?

Mr. Ghannouchi, you and your clan, are nothing like us. My father had his scull cracked open by the French, he was imprisoned, and exiled.  As a University student, I was imprisoned and brutally beat by the regime of the man you served as PM. You are nothing like me or my father.

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