I ask you, did we already forget why Bouaziz set himself on fire, and why SIDI BOUZID sent a strong message to the rest of us? It is sad to see that things have not changed much in Tunisia even as the revolution continues. The powerful still want more power, and they will stop at nothing to get it. They are entrenching and getting stronger. They are securing high positions and ignoring the thousands of Bouazizis of Tunisia. There appears to be this agreement among the powerful to divide up what remains of Tunisia. Look at the opposition leaders and ask yourselves, what do we really know about them? What makes them trust-worthy? Why they were so quick to accept positions within the RCD controlled interim government?

Let us ask ourselves, why does the PM, or any other RCD minister, need to stay in power for just a few months? DO the desperately need a job and need to buy bread and milk? I am not making suggestions, but any smart person would say, perhaps it is to finish what others have started, and could not finish – eliminate any evidence or trace of crimes they, and their friends, committed against humanity, SIDI BOUZID, and Mohamed Bouazizi. May be even facilitate the disappearance of some ” la famille” members???

I submit to you to continue fighting and to stop these pirates from hijacking our country. Do not stop until every one associated with the old regime is in exile, just like their old boss.

Keep fighting, for if we stop, the power hungry elite will steal what remains of our lives. And this time, it will not be their fault, but ours.

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