We want a revolution…against corruption

Today we found out that the departed ruling family has robbed our country of over 100 billion dinars. That is outrageous and down right criminal. The amount, as high as it is, will one day be insignificant once compared to the freedoms we have gained, especially if we get smart and do the right thing.
What bothers me more, once the original anger subsides, is that the corruption machine that helped the Ben Alis acquire all that cash, is still entranched in the system. Moreover, the system is still in place, and in some cases more powerful and sustainable. They are certainly more dangerous now because a) they are less identifiable as they managed to redefine themselves as defenders of freedom, and b) they are more experienced as they have infiltrated our ranks and have mutated as other organism, more difficult to kill.
They may choose to operate on their own, or they may choose to create another thousand Ben Alis. Either way, we the people of Tunisia will suffer once more.
What is the solution then?
As the militants of this democracy gather around their forums and round tables, the political parties fight it out on television and facebook, the well oiled corruption machine is hard at work setting the stage for another take-over. This time, it will be our fault not theirs. And we will deserve it because we have managed to keep us too busy fighting, criticizing the same government we are too  quick to blame for lack of security and lack of jobs. The same jobs lost because these same individuals managed to close our factories and our hotels.
Wake up Tunisia. What we need is another revolution. Not to throw a government out, but to say DEGAGE to the corruption machine that only got better and stronger.

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