Tunisia is in the middle of a period of rapid change and complex crises. Its temporary leaders must be able to make bold decisions quickly. Tunisia’s leaders have failed to take steps to address the economic, political and social crises. The failure to act decisively has resulted in the loss of credibility and a void in short term winning solutions. One would be justified to ask if it is due to lack of expertise and awareness of the consequences, or an indifference that is caused by the blind desire to remain in office, or win the next elections, at any cost.

Any responsible citizens of this nation needs to ask himself the following questions:
1. How can we force these leaders to be motivated to address these time sensitive issues rather than follow their political agenda?
2. With cronyism and corruption as present as ever, what can be done to restore good governance, and improve, or change, leadership?
3. How can youth, civil society, and social media change leadership?
4. What steps should be considered to make leadership responsive to our needs, and save this nation from an imminent economic crisis?
If we are to consider the Tunisian economy as following conventional models, then we need very little visionary leadership. However, there is nothing conventional about the current crisis. So we need a strong, credible leadership, with a sustainable home-grown organic strategy, not one that relies on foreign interference.

Tunisia’s current leadership possesses very little mental capacity and emotional intelligence to put together  programs that will orient our collective muscles towards building a sustainable economy like that of other nations such as South Korea, Argentina, or Brazil.
When citizens lose hope in their leadership and in the future and begin to despair, they resort to acts that are not conducive to nation-building and a society that is progressing towards prosperity

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  • hatemgafsi  On February 23, 2012 at 5:18 am

    from HOMOECONOMICUS to HOMOETHICUS as model to save Tunisia


    The HOMOETHICUS is :

    – Ethical decision making – Responsible behavior


    – it was easy to find a global enemi why it’s to difficult to find a global interest .
    What can we do to see another time the sens of Solidarity and the sens of Sacrifice in Tunisia : Cross- Cultural Management ….

  • hatemgafsi  On February 23, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Build a new psychological contract between leaders and citizens trough Ethical and tranformationnal leadership .

    There is no one best way especially if we have dilemmas . So if we khow what we want to achieve in the long term we can make decision in the short term .

    we should make the difference between good and bad , hallal and haram , polical correct and political incorrect , legal and not legal .

    Tunisia is a Big Work site not a Big theater . So we need Workers-leaders not comedien’s – leaders

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