Political maneuvering and manipulation is in full swing by the Nahdha party leadership. This is somewhat expected, especially when the newly arrived party leadership has very little knowledge of policy and diplomacy, but plenty of indifference.

Are these manipulations part of a well designed strategy or indifference and lack of empathy towards the average Tunisian citizen? How then do you explain the double-talk of the so called leaders of this party? Let me site two examples that show lack of transparency, cohesion in the ranks, and a clear vision: factors that lead any person to think twice before trusting them again with a vote for any future office.

  1. During March 17, 2011 visit of Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State to Tunisia, Senior Leadership of Nahdha accused the then interim government of complicity and yielding to the US’s wishes. Thousands of Nahdha supporters demonstrated in the street against Mrs. Clinton’s visit, which they have described as US interference in Tunisia’s home-grown revolution. Today, Mrs. Clinton is an honored guest of the same people who accused her of meddling in our affairs. What has changed since this past March? Well, Nahdha is now in power and has no one to attack or accuse of complicity. SO I ask how you really feel about the USA. What is your clear position about the US’s involvement in our domestic issues? Do these leaders of Nahdha have principles upon which they can govern?
  2. The same John McCain who years ago openly said that Arab nations should understand that Israel is here to stay. So, I say to you Mr. Jebali, decide which foot to dance on. On one hand you want to make a law that every person who is a friend of Israel is considered a criminal, and on the other you are hugging and kissing the best friend Israel has in the US senate.

You are confused, and you are confusing all of us as a result. Have you no principles? A sign of a good leader is one who does not waiver in the face of challenges, one who is an example of courage and magnetism to all his disciples, and one who does not wait for the best offer to take up a position. You have made of Tunisia a laughing stock among its allies and friends. Do not sell us to the highest bidders Mr. Jebali. We are not for sale.


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