This is how you kill a country

There are many types of killers throughout the world and throughout history.
There are the master mind killers like Charles Mason, Idi Amin, and Adolph Hitler. There are those who strap themselves with explosives and go about killing innocent people, like that of September 11, 2001, or more recently the Boston Marathon. And finally, there are those who, many would argue are more dangerous and more cunning – they are the killer-politician-leaders, and they come in two flavors.
The first go about shaking hands and kissing babies to reach ultimate power. They transition from baby kissers to baby killers, all in the name of national security and self-preservation such as Israeli Prime ministers, Saddam Hussein in declaring war against Iran, Milosevic and his ethnic cleansing campaign against Muslims.
The second are those who never hold a gun, never make a military decision, and never sign a war act. They are presidents, parliamentarians, and ministers who make strategic economic and social decisions that do not necessarily kill people, but their hopes and aspirations.
What we are witnessing today in Tunisia is a sort of a mass killings, but not the kind that requires burials of bodies, rather burials of hopes and dreams….this is how to kill a country

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  • Joe Battaglia  On April 27, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    “…It is not legitimate to identify the ends of Fascism with the ends of Russian Communism. The first represents the exaltation of the executioner by the executioner; the second, more dramatic in concept, the exaltation of the executioner by the victims. The former never dreamed of liberating all
    men, but only of liberating a few by subjugating the rest. The latter, in its most profound principle, aims at liberating all men by provisionally enslaving them all. It must be granted the grandeur of its intentions. But, on the other hand, it is legitimate to identify the means employed by both with the political cynicism that they have drawn from the same source, moral nihilism.” (Camus, Rebel, 246)

    The nihlism herein described is that which allows a Charles Manson, or Saddam, or Bush, Obama, Stalin, Pol-Pot…etc…or any sociopathic-organizer, to use the good-will of the people to attain power, and so arriving at power, he demands that power be absolute – in the moment, (as with a bomber/perpetrator, who obtains no consent, but forces his will, and shrapnel, on the unsuspecting, unconsenting bystander by a ruse of hidden device) or in some realm of extended time – (a leader granted perpetual rule by the consent of the people- plaurality or majority-, and thus losing accountability to his people, and subjecting them to his sadistic whims over time) as we have seen over and over in histroy.
    This is a type of disease really.

    All due respect, my friend- you speak the truth.
    -JB (Boston)

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