The Toika or the Triangle of Tragedy

Aristotle, in his studies of predisposition factors contributing to leadership failures, had discovered what I refer to here as the “triangle of tragedy and evil”. He discovered that, once combined, self induced intoxication of overly inflated ego, missing the mark, and lack of knowledge or inability to see the reality of their environment, lead to a loss of reality and eventual destruction. Viewed in this paradigm, the ANC, Nahdha, and the three presidents of Tunisia failed to see the attribution error they have committed. They failed to realize that if the people are not allowed to decide their own destiny, and democratic institutions are not given the opportunity to grow and build their resilience, the outcome is generally tragic for all.marzoukiMBJ

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  • Abdu  On April 29, 2013 at 3:54 am

    Actually I don’t agree with your opinion, you trying to see thing from your eye, and we do have different vision for things, Rached el Gannouchi has the charisma that no one else has been able to achieve in Tunis recent history, this at least what leadership is about (your teaching)!
    You said:’ they failed to realize that if the people are not allowed to decide their own destiny’
    I’m not sure if you participated in the last election or no, the election is the choice, the way, the only way where people decide their destiny, and the people said their word, this is how we are suppose to choose our leaders, or do you have another way?! Please help the people and help build the country again, don’t give us a dark picture every time you write an article! and for sure the next election will give the people the right to decide their destiny for next coming 4-5 years.

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