This is the story of a sick elderly woman. The story began nearly 60 years ago. She was young and full of life. She was the others’ emvy.

It was love at first sight. A handsome young man, well educated, returns home and quickly seduces her. They soon get married and begin a thirty year love affair. Their story was wonderful and full of exciting times and many accomplishments. Their many children were healthy, happy, well educated, and a model for others to follow.

Sadly, all good things come to an end sooner or later, and so did this love story. The Leader of the family succumbed to old age and sickness. He died leaving behind a great little family.

The woman, in her midlife and still capable of raising and caring for her children found herself in a second relationship with a much younger handsome man. He was charming and full of life. He agreed to look after her and the children and promised he would be the ideal DAD to all.

What began as another incredible love affair soon began to show strains, not just between the man and woman, but also with her children. He became inattentive and instead focused on the pursuit of power, possessions and dominance. At times he became violent and dictatorial. And behind her back, he exhibited ruthless traits of a man willing to rule the family at all costs. She sensed it, but too weak and fearful to speak out, as she was afraid for her children and their future.

Somehow and against all expectations, the children were becoming more voiceterous and more demanding of what was rightfully theirs. He resisted and tesions grew. She grew weary, worried, and sad.

Tensions began to mount and one year it reached a boiling point. The children finally had had enough and turned violently against the so-called father figure of this family. The feuds became violent and finally one day, fearing for his life, he ran away.

Old and sickly, she struggled for nearly a year to gather her strength and her children around her. They were unhappy. For they have little or no resources. They can’t find work. Some are sick, while others went hungry.

With no one to turn to, they turned against one another. This is what she had feared all along but was too afraid, sick and old to even imagine it. But, she did sense it coming – brother turning against his own brother. She had heard of such things happening in faraway places, but never imagined it in her home. Her children were different she thought. They loved each other. They were educated and civilized she reasoned.

She is now bedridden, gravely ill and sees no hope in her health getting better. She cannot bear the sight or the sound of her children constantly fighting over what once united them. She is depressed and sadly she wishes she was dead. Does she have it in her to fight one more battle, her toughest? She always did. She is Tunisia.

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  • Amal Ben Fraj  On May 16, 2013 at 5:45 am

    A very touching story filled with sadness describing Tunisia..It goes straight to the heart..

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