Three years later Arabs wake up to social not political changes

When political powers crumble, they leave behind a void. That void is often filled with institutions that are counter to our values as civil societies. Why you might ask? I say because they are the ones that instituted the laws favorable to their existence, and counter to ours. Why and how it happens is often the subject of many social studies. Let us simplify matters and look at the current situation post revolution in Tunisia and Egypt. We have helped in the destruction of the old regimes. And since destruction is also creation, the methods we use today in this creation will determine what kind of world arises from the rubble. This is where it gets really interesting. Our struggle has been mostly political, and then it lost steam…This is the danger we face.
Political revolutions simply deliver concentrated power into the hands of a few, rather than dispersing it. We need to understand that political change originates from social conditions rather than the other way. In that sense, WE NEED A SOCIAL REVOLUTION – a change in the way we think about ourselves and others, and the way we act towards one another.
Tunisians, on the most part, need to to begin thinking of the community and not the individual. If we lose faith in the sense of communicty and continue on the path of only our own interests, our community, that is Tunisia, will disappear. Think of how you approach others in your day to day activities. Do you approach people with a smile and a helping mind-set, or do you cut people off in intersections, and pay no attentions to pedestrians on the road, even if you are on the way to nowhere?
Values are social tools to guide us in our lives. We, the people, invent them, not nature or God. We eliminate them if they do not serve our needs. We must, therefore, eliminate all the tools we inherited in the last 5 decades, and adopt new values, conducive for a society moving, together, towards greatness. We need true REVOLUTIONARY acts in how we behave at work, at home, at school, in the street, and within ourselves.
When we act civilly towards one another, we strike a true blow to authority. When we make our own communities and help each other, we strike a blow to big government hegemony, when we educate our children at home and not rely on old decrepit educational systems run by very old politicians, we strike fear in mind-controlling power hungry freaks, and we respect one another in public places, respect our street and our beaches, we are saying to the world, come and see us. When we respect others’ opinions’ of speech and right of expression and religion, we are saying Tunisia is the place to be.
When we make our own music, instead of itunes downloads, make our own bread, create our own comfort zones, we strike at the heart of Multi-National Companies. We embrace our culture, and express our sense of being and freedom to be who we are, we participate in the transformation of our world, that is TUNISIA.
REVOLUTIONS begin inside our minds, not just in the street, cafes, and government halls.

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