Lessons of life ….and death

You think you know someone when you meet him in person, when you talk to him, look at him in the eyes and listen to him explain what he stands for and what he believes. His values are so strong and they match yours. You become dedicated as his cause becomes yours. You watch him on television and become attached to every word he says. He becomes your idol. He personifies everything you believe as he represents the millions who have made it in spite of all the odds. You pin all your hopes and dreams on his plans and strategies of equality, justice, fairness. He becomes you, or rather you become him.

You watch him struggle in times of pressure and crises and you pray for him to pull through. You see him being attacked by media and haters and you tell yourself, naturally, those are his enemies, as they become yours as well. His friends become yours. His ideas become yours. His thoughts become yours. And you finally become him in the way you talk, the way you debate, the way you negotiate. You become blind out of admiration. Hope is alive… you tell yourself.

One day you discover that you have been wrong, or have been wronged. You ask yourself if you were so naïve that you did not see the warning signs, or that this person was so good at masking the real him that you were fooled, along with millions of supporters and admirers. To console yourself, you finally accept the possibly that simply, time has changed this person…and all your dreams for a world of equality, justice, opportunity, peace and fairness will remain dream…a utopia that is only true in fairytale stories and political speeches.

It all happened during the month of July 2014 at a place no one wants to talk about to people many want forgotten. It all happened in the largest open sky prison in the world. It all happened when the man you thought you knew stood and watched, and sometimes encouraged the most inhumane slaughter the world will ever know.  It all happened to hundreds of innocent little children like mine and his. It all happened when I cried most nights for a month and he justified the genocide, while probably laughing at people like me who put him where he is today. He is Barack Obama and I am forever a fool for believing in him.

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